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Daily Prompt: What’s your travel style? Are you itinerary and schedule driven, needing to have every step mapped out in advance or are you content to arrive without a plan and let happenstance be your guide?

 I am that traveler that likes to get to my destination and left to my own devices. I understand the need for a schedule while on a business trip. However, when I am on vacation, keep that itinerary far away from me! I usually travel with people who are compatible to my sensibilities, but in 2008 I traveled with a friend whose nature (planner – covnersationalist) is the opposite of mine (not a planner – not big on much talking).

In 2008 I went home to Jamaica with my friend Vandy, who was recovering from surgery. She said she wanted recuperating time and did not want to stay with family (she is also Jamaican) because if we stayed with family, they would not allow her the time to chill out and just be. I was all for that, so we rented hotel rooms for each person – actually renting separate rooms was my idea. She wanted to share a room, but I needed my alone time to recharge and did not want to feel obligated to stay up all night talking.

So, we checked into our rooms and immediately walked to the beach. I was in heaven. Since Vandy’s natural inclination is to plan everything out, her brain immediately went into planning mode. On the other hand, I am a free spirit who likes to go where/when the wind blows, so my mind when blank – blackout mode.

Well, she just couldn’t help herself and started planning out our week on the island. As she spoke, I just cringed.

Here is the conversation I had in my head as she read off her checklist of activities:

 Ok, when we talked about this trip, you verbalized that you wanted to chill and take time to heal from your surgery. I was down for that. I envisioned seven days of beach time!

 I am here for you and here to help you through the healing process. Which means carry heavy bags and taking things slow. What’s this about filling the days with activities? You just had surgery aren’t you still in pain?

 I can’t take this, I am here to chill and spend as much time in the water as possible. How do I burst your bubble without hurting your feelings? since that would be asking you to step outside your comfort zone and think differently…no planning. This is crazy!

brain overload - google images
brain overload – google images

I finally interrupted her and said, “You need to take time to heal and you know I don’t do well with schedules when I am not at work”.  She gave me the death stare, as if I just took the wind out of her sail.

I continued, “Let’s compromise. Since you get up earlier than I do, you can go swimming and I’ll meet you on the beach when I get up. We can then do one or two things on your list, but other than that, this is a leisure trip for me which means freedom from itineraries and checklists.” She hesitated, but finally agreed.

As it turned out, she would not have been able to everything she wanted to because she was in pain most of the time. We even had to take it slow when we went about doing a couple activity items on her list.

We had a fabulous week in Negril because of the compromise we struck. So, my lesson from that trip is, when traveling with others I will let them know up front that I’m that traveler that does not do well with schedules. If they can’t handle it then I can’t travel with them.

View from hotel window_Negril, JA 2008 (taken by EOD)
View from hotel window_Negril, JA 2008 (taken by EOD)

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Day 14 – HUMILITY: Making mistakes is part of learning and growing. Freely acknowledge at least one mistake you make today, and reflect for a couple of minutes on what you have learned.

I took a few weeks off from contributing to the SNV project because I got sidetracked with other blog entries…guess that’s the ADD in me. Anyway, my approach to completing this project has shifted and the new plan to allow for the flexibility of going with the flow of life and what speaks to me; therefore, I will contribute to this series when my inner being moves me to do so.

google images
google images

Marriam Webster Dictionary defines hu·mil·i·ty as “the quality or state of not thinking you are better than other people; the quality or state of being humble”.

When John Travolta mispronounced or changed Idina Menzel’s name to Adele Dazeem in front of millions of people worldwide, I didn’t think much of it because, to be honest, I didn’t know who he was talking about. Well, the audience and Ms. Menzel’s fans jumped on the fumble and the video snippet went viral in matter of minuets.

Admired for his good looks, blockbuster movies, and generally being a nice guy (as stated by people who know him), John’s response to the media storm after the event increased this writer’s respect for him. Mr. Travolta did not show anger with the media for blowing the whole thing out of proportion, instead he released a statement shared with the public:

“I’ve been beating myself up all day. Then I thought…what would Idina Menzel say? She’d say, “Let it go, let it go!” Idina is incredibly talented and I am so happy Frozen took home two Oscars Sunday night!”

“It is unwise to be too sure of one’s own wisdom. It is healthy to be reminded that the strongest might weaken and the wisest might err.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Yes, I am a fan of Mr. Travolta, not because of his movies or his acting, or even his good looks. I’m a fan because the thing that shines brightly during his interviews is his humbleness. This legendary movie star does not put on airs and seems to genuinely enjoy and appreciate his fans. Additionally, reading about the death of his son in a heartfelt article, he also seems to be a caring and loving husband and father.

The Oscar blunder could have gone sideways. He could have blamed  error on whoever wrote the cue cards/teleprompter, he could have blamed in on his eye contacts being blurry. Indeed, the blame could have been directed in many directions but he was man enough to acknowledge his slip –  “I’ve been beating myself up” over the misstep.

Furthermore, to his point, all he needed to do was “let it go” because we’ve all made blunders (some more public than others) and had to learn to move beyond it in order to maintain our sanity. It happens.

It seems to me that he was more concerned with Ms.  Menzel’s reaction (after all she was the inadvertent object of his gaff) than how he was perceived by the public. He also seemed genuinely happy that the movie Frozen was awarded two Oscars of which the theme song was sang by Ms. Menzel. He did not turn the situation into a pity party or made it all about him. That’s Humility in action.

Humility: google images
Humility: google images

Mother Teresa shares with us a few ways to practice humility:
To speak as little as possible of one’s self.
To mind one’s own business.
Not to want to manage other people’s affairs.
To accept contradictions and correction cheerfully.
To pass over the mistakes of others.
To accept insults and injuries.
To accept being slighted, forgotten, and disliked.
To be kind and gentle even under provocation.
Never to stand on one’s dignity.
By Mother Teresa, The joy in Loving: A Guide to Daily Living

Season for Nonviolence: http://www.agnt.org/season-for-nonviolence

Next Entry: REVERENCE – enjoy the beauty around, above and below you.

This I Do Believe – Not Believe

 Daily Prompt: Tell us three things that you believe in your heart to be true. Tell us three things you believe in your heart to be false.


google images
google images
  • I believe that everyone wants to know that they are valued and loved.
  • I believe the American education system should be available to all and free to all. Young adults should not be saddled with enormous debt just to get a degree to be employable.
  •  I believe every abuser should have a moment (many moments)  where they feel the pain, demoralization, confusion, etc. that their victim feels.

Don’t Believe:

I Don't Believe: google images
I Don’t Believe: google images
  • I never believed (even as a child) in those childhood lies told by adults, such as: the existence of Santa Clause, Fairy Godmother, Tooth Fairy, Easer Bunny, Prince in Shining Armor, and Bible Stories. These figures never made sense to me, so I didn’t buy into their (parents) imagination.
  •  I don’t believe corporations should be given huge tax breaks on their huge profits when the working poor and people living below the poverty line go without.
  •  I don’t believe that people living in this great United States of America should have to go without basic health care, so I don’t understand why the conservative party is so up in arms when it comes to helping those who cannot afford to pay for healthcare.

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