Crush to Love

Daily Prompt: It’s Friday, I’m In Love

Dave was so smart and so nerdy, and I only had eyes for him. He was pale, wore glasses, and always had his nose in a book. He was an introvert. I, however, was a social butterfly, loved joining all types of activities, and just loved kickin it with the kids in my class and some in other grades. Dave was so different from me; maybe that’s why I was crushing on him.

You know how kids love to tease you when they find out that you like someone. Well,  we were teased on a daily basis even though we were not girlfriend-boyfriend. I always wanted to be near Dave, but nervous when the opportunity presented itself. I would give him “love taps” and tickle him when he got close, so of course, Dave tried to avoid me, but he couldn’t hide in a small school of 150 children. My crush for Dave did not last long, but for the period it ran, I was in la-la land.

Images: Peanuts Worldwide
Images: Peanuts Worldwide

Switching to junior high, I met my first love. My heart still flutters when I think of Jeff. He was from a different culture from mine. He was tall, skinny, had curly brown hair and the cutest smile, and wore Converse high-top sneakers. Yeah, the smile was what got me, but I thought he was cool because he wore Converse. Weird to like someone because of what he wore, but back then, most guys wore no-name sneakers. He was different from the other guys in my school.

Since I wasn’t allowed to date, Jeff and we saw each other in school and at school dances. For a year, I did not miss a day of school because I didn’t want to lose any time with him.

One day, we met up after school and got into a very heavy kissing session. His hands kept roaming over my body and as he started unbuckling my pant belt, I stopped him and said, “No”. He didn’t believe me and tried again. I put my hand on his and once again, said, “No”. He was not a happy camper. Next day, he called it quits. I was devastated and cried my way home. I didn’t feel bad about putting a halt to where the kissing session was headed. I knew I was not ready for sex and I wasn’t going to lower my standard for anyone. I was sad because I wouldn’t see him as much as I was used to; after all, I still liked him.

I few months later we got back together. I was so happy for us to be an item again that adopted Reunited by Peaches and Herb as “our song”.

Images: Peanuts Worldwide
Images: Peanuts Worldwide

Jeff and I dated for two years and then we mutually went our separate ways. I recently reconnected with Jeff on FB. We got caught up with the happenings in our lives and left it at that. I am happy for him and treasure the warm memories of our time together.

I like this post because it prompted me to think about people I had not thought of in years. Thank you WordPress!!