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I’m That Traveler

Daily Prompt: What’s your travel style? Are you itinerary and schedule driven, needing to have every step mapped out in advance or are you content to arrive without a plan and let happenstance be your guide?

 I am that traveler that likes to get to my destination and left to my own devices. I understand the need for a schedule while on a business trip. However, when I am on vacation, keep that itinerary far away from me! I usually travel with people who are compatible to my sensibilities, but in 2008 I traveled with a friend whose nature (planner – covnersationalist) is the opposite of mine (not a planner – not big on much talking).

In 2008 I went home to Jamaica with my friend Vandy, who was recovering from surgery. She said she wanted recuperating time and did not want to stay with family (she is also Jamaican) because if we stayed with family, they would not allow her the time to chill out and just be. I was all for that, so we rented hotel rooms for each person – actually renting separate rooms was my idea. She wanted to share a room, but I needed my alone time to recharge and did not want to feel obligated to stay up all night talking.

So, we checked into our rooms and immediately walked to the beach. I was in heaven. Since Vandy’s natural inclination is to plan everything out, her brain immediately went into planning mode. On the other hand, I am a free spirit who likes to go where/when the wind blows, so my mind when blank – blackout mode.

Well, she just couldn’t help herself and started planning out our week on the island. As she spoke, I just cringed.

Here is the conversation I had in my head as she read off her checklist of activities:

 Ok, when we talked about this trip, you verbalized that you wanted to chill and take time to heal from your surgery. I was down for that. I envisioned seven days of beach time!

 I am here for you and here to help you through the healing process. Which means carry heavy bags and taking things slow. What’s this about filling the days with activities? You just had surgery aren’t you still in pain?

 I can’t take this, I am here to chill and spend as much time in the water as possible. How do I burst your bubble without hurting your feelings? since that would be asking you to step outside your comfort zone and think differently…no planning. This is crazy!

brain overload - google images
brain overload – google images

I finally interrupted her and said, “You need to take time to heal and you know I don’t do well with schedules when I am not at work”.  She gave me the death stare, as if I just took the wind out of her sail.

I continued, “Let’s compromise. Since you get up earlier than I do, you can go swimming and I’ll meet you on the beach when I get up. We can then do one or two things on your list, but other than that, this is a leisure trip for me which means freedom from itineraries and checklists.” She hesitated, but finally agreed.

As it turned out, she would not have been able to everything she wanted to because she was in pain most of the time. We even had to take it slow when we went about doing a couple activity items on her list.

We had a fabulous week in Negril because of the compromise we struck. So, my lesson from that trip is, when traveling with others I will let them know up front that I’m that traveler that does not do well with schedules. If they can’t handle it then I can’t travel with them.

View from hotel window_Negril, JA 2008 (taken by EOD)
View from hotel window_Negril, JA 2008 (taken by EOD)

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DP: Nothin’ But A Good Time – On The Beach

WP Daily Prompt: Imagine that tomorrow, all of your duties and obligations evaporate for the day. You get the day all to yourself, to do anything you please. What types of fun activities would make your day?

I recently relocated to California and am temporarily unemployed.  I actually have the opportunity to do anything I please on a daily basis…I just have not  been taking advantage of the opportunity, until today.

After my morning workout (a must in order to keep my mood on the up side) I was headed back to the house, but not looking forward to it because I knew all I would do was worry about “when will I start making some money again”. Well, on the way home, my car took a right turn (as if it was driving itself) away from the house and drove directly to the beach.

After parking the car, I bought something to eat, took it with me and found a spot on the beach among a bunch of kids running around having fun. Seeing the kids brought a smile to my face – aah, to be a kid again. As I ate the seagulls gathered around, kinda scary since they were very vocal, but I kept eating since we are not suppose to feed them.

Surf Baby
Surf Baby (taken by Del)

I spread out my towel, settled in and got comfy, then I ate my lunch while I read – The Third Rule Of Ten: Tenzing Norbu Mystery by Gay Hendrick…love this mystery series where the main character is an ex-Buddhist, ex-cop, private investigator. What I enjoyed most of all was laying on my towel digging my toes into the cool sand and soaking up the warm rays.

Want Food (taken by Del)
Want Food (taken by Del)

The sun peaked through just in time for me to be on the beach, as if saying, “You made the right decision to come here”. I call this a perfect day!

WP Daily Prompt: Nothin’ But A Good Time – http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2014/02/21/daily-prompt-good-time/

Dream Destination – My Soul Soars On The Beach

WordPress Daily Prompt: What’s your dream tourist destination — either a place you’ve been and loved, or a place you’d love to visit? What about it speaks to you?

When I think vacation, I think water and sun. I am not the typical vacationer who goes on trips to do tours and sightsee. For me, the most relaxing getaway is feeling the sand between my toes, getting wrinkled in the warm water from staying in all day, bright shining sun, delicious food, and staying in a hotel where I don’t have to clean up. Anything less is not relaxing.

I’m an island girl (born in Jamaica), so I jump at any chance I get to go back home, or at least find another beach to escape to. The sun and water are in my blood. Guess that’s why the majority of my vacation pictures all consist of the beach…go figure.

Beaches of Jamaica (Negril and Montego Bay)

Negril, JA

Negril Beach
Negril Beach – Photograph by EOD
Negril at Sunset
Negril at Sunset – Photograph by EOD
Negril  Photographed by EOD
Photograph by EOD

Montego Bay, JA

Montego Bay Beach
Montego Bay Beach – Photograph by EOD
Preparing for jet skying in Montego Bay Photographed by EOD
Preparing for jet ski in Montego Bay
Photograph by EOD

Haitian Beach

Labadee Beach, Haiti Photograph by EOD
Labadee Beach, Haiti
Photograph by EOD

Beach of Trinidad (Maracas Beach)

Maracas Beach in Trinidad
Maracas Beach in Trinidad
Gazing out on Maracas Beach in Trinidad
Gazing out on Maracas Beach in Trinidad

Mission Beach, San Diego CA – This part of the beach is rocky, but hearing the waves crash against the rocks/cliffs relaxes me.

Mission Beach in San Diego photographed by Del
Mission Beach in San Diego
photograph by Del

Beach of Miami, Fla (South Beach)

South Beach, Miami Fla Photographed by EOD
South Beach, Miami Fla
Photograph by EOD

I always make time to enjoy the night life on South Beach

Drag performer at club on South Beach Photographed by EOD
Drag performer at club on South Beach
Photograph by EOD
Drag performer on South Beach Photographed by EOD
Drag performer on South Beach
Photograph by EOD

So there you go, my life on the beach. I hate that I lost my pictures of Puerto Rico and Cancun, Mexico, but at least I have my memories….ahhhh, great memories!!

Looking at these pictures I realize that it’s time for another getaway. What beach would you suggest that I experience on my next escape? Feel free to comment and leave me your suggestions. I’m so excited to get your suggestion(s)!

Note: All photos taken by Essence of Del

Inspired by Daily Post: Tourist Trap – http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/06/03/daily-prompt-tourist-trap/