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This I Do Believe – Not Believe

 Daily Prompt: Tell us three things that you believe in your heart to be true. Tell us three things you believe in your heart to be false.


google images
google images
  • I believe that everyone wants to know that they are valued and loved.
  • I believe the American education system should be available to all and free to all. Young adults should not be saddled with enormous debt just to get a degree to be employable.
  •  I believe every abuser should have a moment (many moments)  where they feel the pain, demoralization, confusion, etc. that their victim feels.

Don’t Believe:

I Don't Believe: google images
I Don’t Believe: google images
  • I never believed (even as a child) in those childhood lies told by adults, such as: the existence of Santa Clause, Fairy Godmother, Tooth Fairy, Easer Bunny, Prince in Shining Armor, and Bible Stories. These figures never made sense to me, so I didn’t buy into their (parents) imagination.
  •  I don’t believe corporations should be given huge tax breaks on their huge profits when the working poor and people living below the poverty line go without.
  •  I don’t believe that people living in this great United States of America should have to go without basic health care, so I don’t understand why the conservative party is so up in arms when it comes to helping those who cannot afford to pay for healthcare.

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DP: Walking on the Moon…or should I say – Gliding in the Sky!

Daily Prompt: Walking on the Moon – What giant step did you take where you hoped your leg wouldn’t break? Was it worth it, were you successful in walking on the moon, or did your leg break?

Literally, the closest I came to walking on the moon was skydiving. I like to take risks, and this was one of those that I did to overcome a fear of falling from high places.

Half of me hate riding roller coasters and the other half love the thrill.  My thing with, riding roller coasters is, I don’t like when my stomach comes up to meet my throat as we descend down the large slopes. I hold on for dear life to anything I can grab hold of, even though I know I am securely strapped in…just hate that feeling. Well, for an unconventional thrill, I got a friend to join me on my adventure in the sky.

“And the day came when the risk to reaming tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” – Anais Nin 

 On another note – a second fear I had was, not making it to the ground alive. That fear stemmed from my work as a “tower” Air Traffic Controller (ATC) in the military controlling airplanes, when I witnessed the aftermath of an unfortunate event. Additional to controlling airplanes, we allowed other military branches to conduct parachute training at our airport facility. On this particular day, my ATC crew was called in to relieve the previous crew from their duty because, as they were watching an Army parachuting training event, the chute of a female trainee did not open and she crashed to the hard pavement. She died instantly with internal injuries and broken bones. As a requirement, the on duty crew had to debrief the tragic event with the investigators, so we took over their shift. We were later told, the cause of the accident was due to parachute malfunction. Damn!

Training (taken by Del)
Training (taken by EssenceofDel)

So back to my dive – after our brief training in the hanger, we went up for our ride. The first step out of the plane door wasn’t the scariest for me, as you would think. When we started falling is when the fear grabbed a hold of me. Grant it, I was tethered to a master instructor but really, what could he do to quell my internal fear…Nothing!  As we were gliding, he yelled to me. “Are you alight?” Are you serious right now, is what I was thinking, but I just answered, “Sure!” It was somewhat comforting know I was not out there by myself. But seriously, him being there didn’t keep my stomach from rising up to meet my throat or my constant stream of prayer for my chute to open prior to a “safe” landing. He did take my mind off of the fall by talking to me and prompting me to take in beautiful scenery. He was good, guess that’s why he’s a Master instructor!

“If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.” – Jim Rohn

I decided to swallow hard and just glide. Once sick feeling passed, I actually enjoyed riding the air. The scenery was amazing and the feeling of freedom was intoxicating. And…my chute opened…plus no broken bones! Yay!!! Fantastic!!

Smooth Gliding (property of EssenceofDel)
Smooth Gliding (property of EssenceofDel)

Would I do it again? Hell, Yeah! I’m excited just thinking about it now.

I made it! (property of Del)
I made it! (property EssenceofDel)

I would recommend skydiving to anyone who wants to a change of pace….I mean Really want to experience something different.

“Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find to how far once can go.” – T.S. Eliot

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DP: New Sensation: Big Hair-Big Jackets-Big Hoops…80’s Stylin’

WP Daily Prompt: New Sensation – Describe your favorite fashions from days of yore or current trends you think are stylin’

Back in the day, 1980’s, my fashion icon was Janet Jackson. I wore the big black jacket (with shoulder pads) and of course the sleeves had to be rolled up.  I loved playing with makeup back then (not su much now), so I would go all out with the complete makeup look: red lips, eye shadow, liner, mascara, rouge, and red nail polish. As for jewelry, they had to be large hoop earrings. And it wouldn’t be “the look” without the big hair. I had it all!

Unfortunately, I don’t know what happened to my pictures from that era, but when you look at Ms. Jackson, my look was not far off from hers. Gotta see if I can find my pictures.

80's fashion - Janet Jackson
80’s fashion – Janet Jackson

I even had a few strands of hair dangling in my face

Janet Jackson
Janet Jackson
"...Ms. Jackson, if you're nasty"
“…Ms. Jackson, if you’re nasty”

For me, the 80’s was a  fun decade! Aah, the memories!

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Crush to Love

Daily Prompt: It’s Friday, I’m In Love

Dave was so smart and so nerdy, and I only had eyes for him. He was pale, wore glasses, and always had his nose in a book. He was an introvert. I, however, was a social butterfly, loved joining all types of activities, and just loved kickin it with the kids in my class and some in other grades. Dave was so different from me; maybe that’s why I was crushing on him.

You know how kids love to tease you when they find out that you like someone. Well,  we were teased on a daily basis even though we were not girlfriend-boyfriend. I always wanted to be near Dave, but nervous when the opportunity presented itself. I would give him “love taps” and tickle him when he got close, so of course, Dave tried to avoid me, but he couldn’t hide in a small school of 150 children. My crush for Dave did not last long, but for the period it ran, I was in la-la land.

Images: Peanuts Worldwide
Images: Peanuts Worldwide

Switching to junior high, I met my first love. My heart still flutters when I think of Jeff. He was from a different culture from mine. He was tall, skinny, had curly brown hair and the cutest smile, and wore Converse high-top sneakers. Yeah, the smile was what got me, but I thought he was cool because he wore Converse. Weird to like someone because of what he wore, but back then, most guys wore no-name sneakers. He was different from the other guys in my school.

Since I wasn’t allowed to date, Jeff and we saw each other in school and at school dances. For a year, I did not miss a day of school because I didn’t want to lose any time with him.

One day, we met up after school and got into a very heavy kissing session. His hands kept roaming over my body and as he started unbuckling my pant belt, I stopped him and said, “No”. He didn’t believe me and tried again. I put my hand on his and once again, said, “No”. He was not a happy camper. Next day, he called it quits. I was devastated and cried my way home. I didn’t feel bad about putting a halt to where the kissing session was headed. I knew I was not ready for sex and I wasn’t going to lower my standard for anyone. I was sad because I wouldn’t see him as much as I was used to; after all, I still liked him.

I few months later we got back together. I was so happy for us to be an item again that adopted Reunited by Peaches and Herb as “our song”.

Images: Peanuts Worldwide
Images: Peanuts Worldwide

Jeff and I dated for two years and then we mutually went our separate ways. I recently reconnected with Jeff on FB. We got caught up with the happenings in our lives and left it at that. I am happy for him and treasure the warm memories of our time together.

I like this post because it prompted me to think about people I had not thought of in years. Thank you WordPress!!