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What’s this “Life Balance” Thing I Keep Hearing About?


Balance, Balance, Balance…yeah, yeah!! This word has appeared in my life more within the past week than ever before. There’s been a lot of hype surrounding Sheryl Sanberg’s book Lean In and how she believes that “work life balance” is difficult to achieve (I’m on the fence if will read her book). Then an article popped up in my in-box about “achieving balance in your life”, along with another one about stress-free living and an out of balance life. The Universe is trying to tell me something, guess I better listen.

I don’t believe in coincidences, so I believe that the reason why Balance keeps smacking me in my face is because my life is out of balance. Usually, my attention span is like that of a toddler running from one toy to the next and not calming down until nap-time. Believe it or not, I’ve gotten used to it and have learned to work with the randomness; however, lately the train has jumped the tracks and has gone off in so many different directions that I can’t keep up. My new reality consist of a lack of focus and virtual paralysis.


I am living in denial in this world of being a college student with assignments to complete. I am in my last semester of my master’s program with four research papers and a thesis due in April, so I can graduate in May. I haven’t been motivated one bit to focus on these papers because my mind is occupied with all the other things that needs my attention, such as: planning a major relocation, selling a house, researching my next job, coming up with topics for my blog, helping to take care of a toddler, and having bouts of anxiety on a daily basis.


Since the creative process has come to a stand still and I now realize that I am out of control, I’ve decided to make a few adjustments in order to maintain some sort of sanity. I will: 1) remain in the moment, 2) return to a consistent meditation practice, 3) start back to my daily walks/runs because being outside always gives me energy and calms my nerves, 4) get at least 6-8hrs of sleep each night, which means no more staying up past midnight, 5) put my blog posting on hold for a month or two, 6) do something fun – all work and no play just do not work for me. Last but not least, avoid things (brain drains – Pinterest, Internet surfing, watching TV/movies, daydreaming, etc.) that I have allowed to distract me from working on my assignments.

So, my first act is to let everyone know that I am taking a break and putting my blog on hiatus. This will be my last post for a bit (unless I get ambitious and have a pressing topic). I can’t make space in my brain for everything so this is the first to get suspended. Now, I don’t have to worry about staying current with my posts or try to develop my long list of topics.

I can’t believe I have four major papers and a thesis to complete in four weeks. People keep telling not to freak out, yeah right…easier said than done. I’m kidding. 🙂

I am basking in all the well wishes and encouragement I’ve received from everyone.

Getting to work! See you when I come back up for air.

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