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Takeaways – Questions

I am new to blogging (started Jan 2013) and I seem to have a mental block when it comes to understanding a few blogging features such as “pages” and domain. I’m sure it’s all quite simple, but I am not that tech savvy so the jargons used sometimes throw me for a loop.

Multiple Blogs:

I keep reading that bloggers should decide on the theme of their blogs. Well, I don’t have one central theme yet, so I was wondering if I should set up multiple blogs that focus on different themes. For example: sometimes I share opinion about politics and current events, sometimes I write about spiritual basis topics, and I am now considering business focused writings. What is your advice for someone like me who has multiple diverse interests?


By following your instructions on the help page I was able to set up 2 new pages and posted 1 post to each page. Now that I want to add more posts to those 2 pages, I’m stuck. Here are my questions:

How do I add new posts to “pages”?

I would like to move 2 post that I put on my regular blog page to these 2 new pages, but I’m not sure how to do that. Is it possible to move posts from one page to another?

When I figure out how to add posts to “pages”, will they appear on my regular news feed so others can see that new info has been added?

Can I do Pingbacks on topics posted to “pages”?


Is it advisable to own my blog name by purchasing a domain address? I don’t understand this. I see some blogger with their “blogname.com” then I see others with their “blogname.workpress.com”.

Great topic, thank you for putting this out there.