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Remake – It Takes A Village

Prompts for the Promptless – Ep. 11 – Remake! Rara’s prompt for the Promptless this week is titled “remake”. To “remake” is to make anew or in a different form.

The other day at daycare while picking up our little one, I witnessed a young mother accusing the daycare owner and her staff of stealing her child’s coat. The owner explained to the young mother that the child did not come to daycare with a coat that day. The mother became irate and raised her voice at the owner. All the while the owner spoke to her in a steady tone and calm voice.

The part that got me was the disrespectfulness of the mother towards the daycare owner.  While the owner was talking to the mother, she (the mother) kept looking down at her phone and was texting. Not once did she look the owner in her eyes. The owner later told me that the mother was not raised in a good environment and she’s now passing on her bad behavior to her child because her child does not listen to the staff and throws tantrums.

100 years

To get the best out of life I believe we must continue to evolve and move forward. I say this, but I actually would like to see us return to a time when the village all came together and had a hand in raising children in the neighborhood or community.

Back in the day, children knew they had to be careful of their actions and words because neighbors would correct them, then go and tell their parents and the parents in-turn would do something about the bad behavior. Children were taught to respect people in authority and their elders – not so today.

These days, if you try to correct a child, either they curse at you or their parents are ready to shout at you or sue. More and more I see children having children. Some of these young mothers and young fathers are just that – children. They don’t realize the importance of disciplining their child, or they want their child to be their friend, or they just don’t make time to teach their child and if you try to help, the target you with their anger. Children do not come into this world knowing right from wrong, they need to be taught.

I would like to remake or redo the time when the “village” helped to raise a child.