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Race for Mothers * Friends * Others

WP Daily Prompt: Mom

My daughter and I just came back from participating in the Susan B. Komen Race for the Cure run/walk, Philadelphia edition. This annual run/walk is held in Philly on Mother’s Day and it’s always a huge turnout. I know women who have survived their battle with breast cancer and I admire their strength while fighting to overcome this deadly disease. Cancer, in general, is affecting more and more people each year – men, women, children – and I pray that in the very near future a cure will be found to eradicate this disease from everyone affected.

What made this Mother’s Day special for me is, this was an inauguration walk for my daughter. I’ve been running for different charities/fundraisers for years (Aids, Diabetes, Cancer, MS, Suicide Prevention, etc.) and have always done it alone because my children lived in a different state that where I live. I’ve taught my children to help others and give back when they see a need or just because, so they do it by donating their time in other ways, just not in runs/walks…until now.

This year my daughter lives with me, so we walked together. I am one of the happiest mothers around!! Smiling, smiling, smiling…


LOVE Park, downtown Philadelphia

Philadelphia Art Museum

May 12, 2013

My hope for today is that all mothers (also include men who are mothering and fathering) have a wonderful and memorable day!

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