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DP: New Sensation: Big Hair-Big Jackets-Big Hoops…80’s Stylin’

WP Daily Prompt: New Sensation – Describe your favorite fashions from days of yore or current trends you think are stylin’

Back in the day, 1980’s, my fashion icon was Janet Jackson. I wore the big black jacket (with shoulder pads) and of course the sleeves had to be rolled up.  I loved playing with makeup back then (not su much now), so I would go all out with the complete makeup look: red lips, eye shadow, liner, mascara, rouge, and red nail polish. As for jewelry, they had to be large hoop earrings. And it wouldn’t be “the look” without the big hair. I had it all!

Unfortunately, I don’t know what happened to my pictures from that era, but when you look at Ms. Jackson, my look was not far off from hers. Gotta see if I can find my pictures.

80's fashion - Janet Jackson
80’s fashion – Janet Jackson

I even had a few strands of hair dangling in my face

Janet Jackson
Janet Jackson
"...Ms. Jackson, if you're nasty"
“…Ms. Jackson, if you’re nasty”

For me, the 80’s was a  fun decade! Aah, the memories!

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Crush to Love

Daily Prompt: It’s Friday, I’m In Love

Dave was so smart and so nerdy, and I only had eyes for him. He was pale, wore glasses, and always had his nose in a book. He was an introvert. I, however, was a social butterfly, loved joining all types of activities, and just loved kickin it with the kids in my class and some in other grades. Dave was so different from me; maybe that’s why I was crushing on him.

You know how kids love to tease you when they find out that you like someone. Well,  we were teased on a daily basis even though we were not girlfriend-boyfriend. I always wanted to be near Dave, but nervous when the opportunity presented itself. I would give him “love taps” and tickle him when he got close, so of course, Dave tried to avoid me, but he couldn’t hide in a small school of 150 children. My crush for Dave did not last long, but for the period it ran, I was in la-la land.

Images: Peanuts Worldwide
Images: Peanuts Worldwide

Switching to junior high, I met my first love. My heart still flutters when I think of Jeff. He was from a different culture from mine. He was tall, skinny, had curly brown hair and the cutest smile, and wore Converse high-top sneakers. Yeah, the smile was what got me, but I thought he was cool because he wore Converse. Weird to like someone because of what he wore, but back then, most guys wore no-name sneakers. He was different from the other guys in my school.

Since I wasn’t allowed to date, Jeff and we saw each other in school and at school dances. For a year, I did not miss a day of school because I didn’t want to lose any time with him.

One day, we met up after school and got into a very heavy kissing session. His hands kept roaming over my body and as he started unbuckling my pant belt, I stopped him and said, “No”. He didn’t believe me and tried again. I put my hand on his and once again, said, “No”. He was not a happy camper. Next day, he called it quits. I was devastated and cried my way home. I didn’t feel bad about putting a halt to where the kissing session was headed. I knew I was not ready for sex and I wasn’t going to lower my standard for anyone. I was sad because I wouldn’t see him as much as I was used to; after all, I still liked him.

I few months later we got back together. I was so happy for us to be an item again that adopted Reunited by Peaches and Herb as “our song”.

Images: Peanuts Worldwide
Images: Peanuts Worldwide

Jeff and I dated for two years and then we mutually went our separate ways. I recently reconnected with Jeff on FB. We got caught up with the happenings in our lives and left it at that. I am happy for him and treasure the warm memories of our time together.

I like this post because it prompted me to think about people I had not thought of in years. Thank you WordPress!!


What’s this “Life Balance” Thing I Keep Hearing About?


Balance, Balance, Balance…yeah, yeah!! This word has appeared in my life more within the past week than ever before. There’s been a lot of hype surrounding Sheryl Sanberg’s book Lean In and how she believes that “work life balance” is difficult to achieve (I’m on the fence if will read her book). Then an article popped up in my in-box about “achieving balance in your life”, along with another one about stress-free living and an out of balance life. The Universe is trying to tell me something, guess I better listen.

I don’t believe in coincidences, so I believe that the reason why Balance keeps smacking me in my face is because my life is out of balance. Usually, my attention span is like that of a toddler running from one toy to the next and not calming down until nap-time. Believe it or not, I’ve gotten used to it and have learned to work with the randomness; however, lately the train has jumped the tracks and has gone off in so many different directions that I can’t keep up. My new reality consist of a lack of focus and virtual paralysis.


I am living in denial in this world of being a college student with assignments to complete. I am in my last semester of my master’s program with four research papers and a thesis due in April, so I can graduate in May. I haven’t been motivated one bit to focus on these papers because my mind is occupied with all the other things that needs my attention, such as: planning a major relocation, selling a house, researching my next job, coming up with topics for my blog, helping to take care of a toddler, and having bouts of anxiety on a daily basis.


Since the creative process has come to a stand still and I now realize that I am out of control, I’ve decided to make a few adjustments in order to maintain some sort of sanity. I will: 1) remain in the moment, 2) return to a consistent meditation practice, 3) start back to my daily walks/runs because being outside always gives me energy and calms my nerves, 4) get at least 6-8hrs of sleep each night, which means no more staying up past midnight, 5) put my blog posting on hold for a month or two, 6) do something fun – all work and no play just do not work for me. Last but not least, avoid things (brain drains – Pinterest, Internet surfing, watching TV/movies, daydreaming, etc.) that I have allowed to distract me from working on my assignments.

So, my first act is to let everyone know that I am taking a break and putting my blog on hiatus. This will be my last post for a bit (unless I get ambitious and have a pressing topic). I can’t make space in my brain for everything so this is the first to get suspended. Now, I don’t have to worry about staying current with my posts or try to develop my long list of topics.

I can’t believe I have four major papers and a thesis to complete in four weeks. People keep telling not to freak out, yeah right…easier said than done. I’m kidding. 🙂

I am basking in all the well wishes and encouragement I’ve received from everyone.

Getting to work! See you when I come back up for air.

1ab861e85e607693e7b4f714d4833e67-1 My new reality

Why Is There A Debate?

My brain has been in a few places since I last wrote. So many topics running around in my head that it was challenging to nail down just one that I should explore further. Anyway I found one. Since the December shooting at the elementary school, each day news programs has broadcasted reports on gun ownership and assault weapons ban. This topic keeps popping up in my world, so I need to get it out of my heard.

After the tragedy that occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary School, NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre said that gun violence has been influenced by Hollywood studios who make violent movies and video games. He stated: “Guns don’t kill people. Video games, the media, and Obama’s budget kill people” (Washingtontimes.com). On the 1-month anniversary of the shooting, the NRA released a free iPhone/iPad target-shooting app that they claim is “appropriate” for people age 4yrs and up. The target images are coffins with red bullseye at head and heart level. Is the NRA trying to prove LaPierre point – that video games do not entice people to kill? I’m not an expert, I don’t know if video games has that much influence over people who play the game, or not, but in my opinion, it is insensitive for the National Rifle Association (NRA) to release any type of gun-related game so close to the death of 20 children and 6 adults. What this proves to me is that the NRA is not interested in the public’s best interest; their allegiance lies in the economic gains from gun sales. They claim that any type of ban on guns is “an attack on the 2nd amend”, what they are really saying is that any type of gun ban will cut into their money-making machine.

Wayne LaPierre is a disillusioned man. Here is another statement made by this man: “If it’s crazy to call for putting armed police in our schools to protect our children,” said LaPierre, “Then call me crazy.”

I love Stephen Colbert response:  “Folks, I don’t know about you, but I agree with Wayne LaPierre. You, sir, are fucked in the head (the Colbert Report).”



Well, today on the BBC News Hour they presented a story of a small school in Texas whose superintendent took the opportunity to approve the arming of his teachers and allows them to carry guns during school hours while children are present. Guns around children, no good can come of this.

The site of pictures of the Newton victims still affects me in a most visceral way. Makes me sad, but also makes me angry that people have to think twice about banning assault weapons, guns that should only be used in war zones fighting against enemies/terrorists. I’ve always said that assault rifles have no business in the hands of the public. I have no issue with the ownership of small firearms as long as background checks are conducted (40% of gun sales do not conduct background checks), but I do have an issue with ownership of assault weapons.


I own a firearm. My neighbors, a police officer and his wife, accompanied me to a gun show to purchase my gun because I had never been to a gun show and I wanted a knowledgeable person to guide me in selecting a gun. I even went to the shooting range with him and his wife where he taught us how to fire the gun, as well as, educated us on the safety features. During my time in the military I had to qualify on shooting a rifle. Prior to going on the firing range we had to attend a class to learn about the rifle, safety, and proper conduct on the firing range. I’m sure the average citizen does not go to this length before purchasing their gun.

Anyway, gun ownership will never cease in America, but I do believe that prior to a gun transaction is finalized, the prospective owner should be required to attend a gun safety/handling class and full background check accomplished. These measures will not end gun violence, but it could decrease the occurrences. We are not going to make everyone happy, but ultimately the safety of the public should be the utmost priority. There should not be a  debate about this issue…..protect our children and our families!!!