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DP: Nothin’ But A Good Time – On The Beach

WP Daily Prompt: Imagine that tomorrow, all of your duties and obligations evaporate for the day. You get the day all to yourself, to do anything you please. What types of fun activities would make your day?

I recently relocated to California and am temporarily unemployed.  I actually have the opportunity to do anything I please on a daily basis…I just have not  been taking advantage of the opportunity, until today.

After my morning workout (a must in order to keep my mood on the up side) I was headed back to the house, but not looking forward to it because I knew all I would do was worry about “when will I start making some money again”. Well, on the way home, my car took a right turn (as if it was driving itself) away from the house and drove directly to the beach.

After parking the car, I bought something to eat, took it with me and found a spot on the beach among a bunch of kids running around having fun. Seeing the kids brought a smile to my face – aah, to be a kid again. As I ate the seagulls gathered around, kinda scary since they were very vocal, but I kept eating since we are not suppose to feed them.

Surf Baby
Surf Baby (taken by Del)

I spread out my towel, settled in and got comfy, then I ate my lunch while I read – The Third Rule Of Ten: Tenzing Norbu Mystery by Gay Hendrick…love this mystery series where the main character is an ex-Buddhist, ex-cop, private investigator. What I enjoyed most of all was laying on my towel digging my toes into the cool sand and soaking up the warm rays.

Want Food (taken by Del)
Want Food (taken by Del)

The sun peaked through just in time for me to be on the beach, as if saying, “You made the right decision to come here”. I call this a perfect day!

WP Daily Prompt: Nothin’ But A Good Time – http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2014/02/21/daily-prompt-good-time/


Remake – It Takes A Village

Prompts for the Promptless – Ep. 11 – Remake! Rara’s prompt for the Promptless this week is titled “remake”. To “remake” is to make anew or in a different form.

The other day at daycare while picking up our little one, I witnessed a young mother accusing the daycare owner and her staff of stealing her child’s coat. The owner explained to the young mother that the child did not come to daycare with a coat that day. The mother became irate and raised her voice at the owner. All the while the owner spoke to her in a steady tone and calm voice.

The part that got me was the disrespectfulness of the mother towards the daycare owner.  While the owner was talking to the mother, she (the mother) kept looking down at her phone and was texting. Not once did she look the owner in her eyes. The owner later told me that the mother was not raised in a good environment and she’s now passing on her bad behavior to her child because her child does not listen to the staff and throws tantrums.

100 years

To get the best out of life I believe we must continue to evolve and move forward. I say this, but I actually would like to see us return to a time when the village all came together and had a hand in raising children in the neighborhood or community.

Back in the day, children knew they had to be careful of their actions and words because neighbors would correct them, then go and tell their parents and the parents in-turn would do something about the bad behavior. Children were taught to respect people in authority and their elders – not so today.

These days, if you try to correct a child, either they curse at you or their parents are ready to shout at you or sue. More and more I see children having children. Some of these young mothers and young fathers are just that – children. They don’t realize the importance of disciplining their child, or they want their child to be their friend, or they just don’t make time to teach their child and if you try to help, the target you with their anger. Children do not come into this world knowing right from wrong, they need to be taught.

I would like to remake or redo the time when the “village” helped to raise a child.



Why Is There A Debate?

My brain has been in a few places since I last wrote. So many topics running around in my head that it was challenging to nail down just one that I should explore further. Anyway I found one. Since the December shooting at the elementary school, each day news programs has broadcasted reports on gun ownership and assault weapons ban. This topic keeps popping up in my world, so I need to get it out of my heard.

After the tragedy that occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary School, NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre said that gun violence has been influenced by Hollywood studios who make violent movies and video games. He stated: “Guns don’t kill people. Video games, the media, and Obama’s budget kill people” (Washingtontimes.com). On the 1-month anniversary of the shooting, the NRA released a free iPhone/iPad target-shooting app that they claim is “appropriate” for people age 4yrs and up. The target images are coffins with red bullseye at head and heart level. Is the NRA trying to prove LaPierre point – that video games do not entice people to kill? I’m not an expert, I don’t know if video games has that much influence over people who play the game, or not, but in my opinion, it is insensitive for the National Rifle Association (NRA) to release any type of gun-related game so close to the death of 20 children and 6 adults. What this proves to me is that the NRA is not interested in the public’s best interest; their allegiance lies in the economic gains from gun sales. They claim that any type of ban on guns is “an attack on the 2nd amend”, what they are really saying is that any type of gun ban will cut into their money-making machine.

Wayne LaPierre is a disillusioned man. Here is another statement made by this man: “If it’s crazy to call for putting armed police in our schools to protect our children,” said LaPierre, “Then call me crazy.”

I love Stephen Colbert response:  “Folks, I don’t know about you, but I agree with Wayne LaPierre. You, sir, are fucked in the head (the Colbert Report).”



Well, today on the BBC News Hour they presented a story of a small school in Texas whose superintendent took the opportunity to approve the arming of his teachers and allows them to carry guns during school hours while children are present. Guns around children, no good can come of this.

The site of pictures of the Newton victims still affects me in a most visceral way. Makes me sad, but also makes me angry that people have to think twice about banning assault weapons, guns that should only be used in war zones fighting against enemies/terrorists. I’ve always said that assault rifles have no business in the hands of the public. I have no issue with the ownership of small firearms as long as background checks are conducted (40% of gun sales do not conduct background checks), but I do have an issue with ownership of assault weapons.


I own a firearm. My neighbors, a police officer and his wife, accompanied me to a gun show to purchase my gun because I had never been to a gun show and I wanted a knowledgeable person to guide me in selecting a gun. I even went to the shooting range with him and his wife where he taught us how to fire the gun, as well as, educated us on the safety features. During my time in the military I had to qualify on shooting a rifle. Prior to going on the firing range we had to attend a class to learn about the rifle, safety, and proper conduct on the firing range. I’m sure the average citizen does not go to this length before purchasing their gun.

Anyway, gun ownership will never cease in America, but I do believe that prior to a gun transaction is finalized, the prospective owner should be required to attend a gun safety/handling class and full background check accomplished. These measures will not end gun violence, but it could decrease the occurrences. We are not going to make everyone happy, but ultimately the safety of the public should be the utmost priority. There should not be a  debate about this issue…..protect our children and our families!!!