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Season of Nonviolence (SNV): Day 10 – Faith

Day 10- FAITH: When Caesar Chavez was organizing farm workers, he taught them to say, “Si, se puede,” “Yes, it is possible,” when they didn’t know how they would overcome an obstacle.  Today let’s say, “Yes, it is possible,” to every obstacle we meet.  Now, write down three things that are hard for you.  After each one, write “It is possible for me to overcome this obstacle and be successful.”


“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says, ‘I’m possible’!” – Audrey Hepburn

1) I am in a career transition and have many ideas of how I envision next phase of my work life, but not exactly sure how to encompass all things (working with people with mental illness and other disabilities, teaching mindfulness practice to help people reduce stress and manage their thoughts, coaching people on holistic healthily living, etc.)  into one job. All that I want to do falls under the Wellness umbrella. I am very new to the city I now call home, so one thing I am doing is volunteering with different agencies in my area of interest to gather info on how they provide service to their clients. Other than that, I am staying open to the possibilities and going with the flow knowing that, in time, things will fall into place. – It is possible for me to overcome this obstacle and be successful.

2) On the fitness level, I find it difficult to walk/run like I used to due to experiencing constant (every second of my waking hours) pain in my right knee after knee surgery. Well, the knee surgery was in 2006, but in 2014 I live with pain everyday. Doctors I have visited can’t seem to tell me why the pain won’t go away, so I live with it. I try other activities, but the pain persists. – It is possible for me to overcome this obstacle and be successful.

3) I have been living with depression (diagnosed) for many years. Everyday is a challenge just to get out of bed to get the day started. – It is possible for me to overcome this obstacle and be successful.

“It is very important to generate a good attitude and a good heart as much as possible. From this, happiness in both the short-term and the long-term for both yourself and others will come.” His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Tomorrow’s Preview: Day 11  CONTEMPLATION:  “As a man thinketh in his heart, so he is”.  Let your mind be fed by “whatsoever is good and beautiful.”

**Season for Nonviolence campaign, also known as The Gandhi-King Season for Nonviolence (SNV), asks us to focus our attention on attaining peace through nonviolent actions. More info at: http://www.agnt.org/season-for-nonviolence**


What Will You Offer The World Today?

The first thought that entered my mind this morning was, “What Will You Offer The World Today?”

I was surprised to have this thought because each morning I open my eyes, I thank the Universe for another day and another opportunity to do the right thing. Asking what will I offer the world puts a different spin to my day. Instead of thinking about what I need to do during the day, I feel strongly that I should be on the alert for opportunities to do for others; however, since I am home with the flu and have been homebound this entire week, I asked myself, how can I offer anything to the world when I can’t leave the house? I thought and thought and then it dawned on me, “that’s narrow thinking, think outside your four walls”. Of course I can offer something, how about updating my blog. So here I am.

Do What You Can

“Get out of yourself and be of service to others.” Chaka Khan said this to the audience at a recent award show. Sounds eerily similar to my morning thought, doesn’t it?

I pondered, “What does it mean of service to others?”. I’ve been shown the obvious, volunteering; consequently, I thought being of service had everything to do with physically being in the presence of another person and helping them with something that they need. Also, giving your time, giving your money, visiting the sick at hospital, etc. Well, my view on service is evolving.

Presently, I believe that Being of Service can come from a singer who offers the perfect song for that person who needs to hear it without realizing that their song may touch somebody and make a difference in their life. For example, I’ve listened to songs that have cheered me up. I know that the singers don’t know who I am or how their song affected me, but they had the wherewithal to put out that particular song that turned my frown around.

Potentially it’s the artist who felt a tug to paint a picture and share it with the world, not knowing that someone who views the painting may be inspired to pursue art; helping someone invent their future.

Perhaps it’s the photographer who snaps a picture of a homeless person, shared that picture with others and someone was moved by the image enough to go volunteer at a homeless shelter.

Conceivably it’s the poet who recites their poem that makes someone stop to think and ponder its meaning. It affects another enough to go deeper, internalize the words; something shifts within and they emerge with an appreciation their life.

Could be the street musician playing on the sidewalk or in the subway sharing their songs with passersby who stops to take a breather, listen to the music, and enjoy the moment before getting caught up in the rush of the day. Later one of those pedestrians reflect on how the music made them feel happy, which in-turn, makes them treat someone warmly.

Or maybe, just maybe it’s an author who writes their biography, someone picks up the book on a whim and finds out it was meant for them. Another person purchases the same book and was able to glean information that helps them through an issue that they could not find answer to before. Still another person gives the same to book to a friend because the story reminds them of their friend’s life experience; meanwhile, the recipient is relieved to know that they are not the only person certain things have happened to; they no longer feel so alone.

Being of Service doesn’t have to only mean that I need to help an elderly person cross the street, or serve food at a homeless shelter, or take a friend to an appointment, or donate money to charity. Don’t get me wrong, those are all great service-oriented acts of kindness. Yet, doing something you love and that brings you pleasure, which happens to benefit others, even when you don’t know who those “others” are, can also be considered – Being of Service to others.

Today, being of service is getting out of my head and sharing these thoughts with whoever may stumble upon my blog and want to read this post.

Do what you love, share it with the world…Be of Service to others.

What will you offer the world today?